Robin Manelis

store owner

I’m a self-taught colored pencil artist that specializes in botanicals. I love the challenge of creating something on paper that looks as if it’s real. My intention is to make the viewer pause and appreciate the natural world. To give the viewer a chance to study up-close nature’s incredible sights. If you look closely there is an amazing array of colors, shapes and textures in even the smallest twig! It’s these fascinating discoveries along with the effects of sunlight and shadow that I strive to share through my artwork.

From the moment I tried colored pencils I was hooked. Their sharp points allow me to draw fine details and by applying light layers of multiple colors I can achieve any hue. An added bonus, is that pencils do not require time-consuming setup or cleanup. There is always a work in progress on my table-top easel and I can pop in my studio anytime and quickly get to work. When I want to take a break I can just leave everything as is. As a nature-inspired artist, I find subjects for my artwork whenever I’m outside. I especially like to visit botanical gardens and go on hikes. Using my camera’s macro and zoom settings, I see so many incredible details I would otherwise miss.

Drawing is a passion for me, once I finish a piece I can’t wait to get started on a new one. Over the years I’ve taken thousands of photos and I never get tired of searching through them for inspiration. After settling on an image to work from, I adjust it until the colors and composition are just what I’m looking for. Once I have a perfect reference, I pick-up my pencils and begin to create or as I call it go to my happy place.

It is my great pleasure to offer my art prints to you and I hope that they may bring you inspiration and joy.